2D Game Artist & Animator available for hire (PAID)


My name is Sandra Pinkert and I'm an 2D Game Artist & Animator.

I'm currently looking for some more paid freelance work.

I have experience working for mobile and browser games alike.

I'm offering anything from concepting to the final assets, including character design,
backgrounds, tiling, animation, effects and promotional art.

My full Resumé and Portfolio you can find here: PORTFOLIO - HOME

Contact me for estimates or further questions. For estimates please enclose the exact
number of assets and animations needed, the style desired and until you want everything done.

Yours sincerely, Sandra


  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Member Posts: 5,689

    Excellent work!


  • TamairaTamaira Member Posts: 3

    @uptimistik Thanks a lot! I loved doing those stickman characters. You don't get those kind of contracts often. And yeah it totally reminds of childhood days!

    @DeepBlueApps Thanks Darren! I'm glad you like it!

  • TamairaTamaira Member Posts: 3
    edited February 2015

    Hi guys!

    Last January I took part in a contest over on ArmorGames and wanted to include it here as well. Task was to create a 100x100 avatar with the topic "Valentins Day". So here it is!

    Story: I'm sure everyone realizes that Amor himself must be quite old by now. That said it's impossible for him to take care of all the high expectations people have on Valentins Day every year. So he started to think like a business man. Now he has a lot of employes which do the work for him. How does he pay them you ask? Easy. Companies like ArmorGames want to spread some love and give back to the community. That said they asked Amor to send someone appropriate for the job. Someone who gives a hint, who we have to thank for all the love

    PS: I hope the little helper manages to give all the love before he drops out of the sky of exhaustion.

    Based on a simple idea: Amor + Armor = A(r)mor

    Also I'm currently available for work again! So drop me a line at: pinkert.sandra@gmail.com

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