Flappy Soccer Cup - FREE

bborisbboris Member Posts: 3
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Check out my first App Store Game "FlappySoccerCup"!

  • Play your favorite soccer team of 2014 and help them to get to the Top of the World by sending them your score!
  • Tap on the screen to start the game!
  • All the scores are counted together in the Online Global Ranking!
  • A score of 50 counts as 1 point for the team!





  • Mash_MobilityMash_Mobility Member Posts: 33

    Now I'm not 100% sure with soccer how it works, but I know with other sports you can't use real teams in games without consent, so you might want to be careful with this.

  • POMPOM Member Posts: 2,599
    edited March 2014

    Why not make a real soccer game? Maybe panelty kicks game? Or a pinball game with soccer theme? Why flap it?

  • bborisbboris Member Posts: 3

    I think it is no problem to make a game with the countries, but thank you! :-)

    @POM‌: I thought it is a great extension to the flappy games as you can play together with others for one team. So you do not really have your own highscore, but you do play for your favorite team and, therefore, push it together with friends or other country/team fans the top of the ranking!

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