Sha Cat - Action Rpg first look

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Hey guys here is my most recent game salad game "Sha Cat" an linear casual action rpg.
You have stats, skills and gear all the basic essentials but made easily accessible for a causal audience.
I already handed it in to apple and it is currently "in-review", i don't expect any troubles there.
The release date is set for 23. April 2014. So if you have an iPhone get ready for bad ass smashing rpg action.

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Game Description:

The Sha Cat is coming!

Jump into the role of a shamanistic kitty and battle through hordes of wicked creatures in an attempt to save her kidnapped boyfriend! Dress her up to enhance your Cat's Power! Meet friends along your journey to aid you in combat, through dark caves and spooky castles!


  • Every action and reaction counts! Time your attacks wisely!
  • Suit up for action! Trade mushrooms for new clothes and accessories to expand your shamanistic powers!
  • Master the command of many Spells at your disposal to pave a way through the many exciting levels!
  • Enjoy a window to a unique, colorful world! Embark on an epic quest that will fill you with memories of the game's story!

What is special about this game?
Sha Cat is a casual, action role-playing game for girls and boys. Experience a rapidly changing difficulty curve that is sure to challenge anyone! Monthly updates are sure to bring forth new levels, and expanded story and enjoyable surprises!


Gameplay Footage:

Level one - tutorial

Level two

Making of Painting Videos:

Diary 10 - Painting Phenix Set

Diary 12 - Painting Voodoo Costume

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