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iAd Not working in GS Windows

mikeafordmikeaford Posts: 5Member, PRO

I just wanted to share my experience and let someone know that iAd does NOT work when using Gamesalad for Windows. After 3 weeks of trying to figure out what I had done wrong, I finally exported my gamesalad program to a mac, published from the mac and re-generated the app and iAds began working fine in adhoc testing.


  • CodeMonsterCodeMonster ACT, AustraliaPosts: 1,078Member

    thats because iAds are apart of apple. and apple doesn't allow publishing on anything other than a mac.

  • mikeafordmikeaford Posts: 5Member, PRO

    That is not the case. I had previously been using GS Windows for creating the program, but then using a MAC for the App signing and publishing (as required) but the iAds never worked correctly. However, once I exported the program from GS Windows to GS Mac and did the exact same thing, only using the MAC program, iAds starting working.

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