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My game Steam Jack finally out on the App store.

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here's a few promo's



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    Just take FYJMYHXMF7PM


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    Took WX37FHW7HJYN. Looks good.

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    Congrats on getting it out.

  • BBEnkBBEnk Member Posts: 1,764


    couple more codes for the late shift.


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    You are in the hot new games on Touch Arcade! Woohoo!

  • neomanneoman Member Posts: 817

    Well done ... I took MWL6PKP4X73K :smile:

  • kolabokolabo Member Posts: 240

    Used LN4KRJTXNY7Y. Thanks

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    You are in the hot new games on Touch Arcade! Woohoo!

    Yes I seen that Friday, Thought that was cool.

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    I am one of the late guy. Took EHHWTRRE4KXX. Thanks :) looks like an awesome game. Good luck with downloads

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    @LumpApps said:
    You are in the hot new games on Touch Arcade! Woohoo!

    Yep I seen that Friday night, thought that was cool.

    Great I spammed myself,lol.

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    @BBEnk, nice job. I've been playing this weekend and the game is a lot of fun! Congrats on the "Hot New Game"!

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    Thanks the "Hot New Game" was cool but does not translate to sales,lol.

    I'm working on a settings screen, so the controls can be adjusted to ones preference should have it ready today for submitting you will be able to move them anywhere and adjust there size one at a time or all at once or mix and match, screen shot below of what I'm doing.

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    Very unique atmosphere you've built, love that train level. Good luck with this!

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    @mcrtom said:
    Very unique atmosphere you've built, love that train level. Good luck with this!

    Thanks @‌mcrtom

    The Train level was my favorite to make and really the simplest levels especially the first Train run, but I think it can be the most frustrating to people because of the birds.

    I should be releasing my first update today to address a few complaints first controls I have added the above custom control panel to game, also added a extra graphic to make the holes in the ground more clear that they are indeed holes, and I made the Birds on the Tain level into Yellow Canaries so there easier to see,lol.

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    Submitted update for game v1.2, added the custom controls setup, "see above" plus some graphic changes. "see below".

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    If anyone is interested in how my game has done on the app store.

    Friday 10 sales,
    Saturday 9 sales,
    Sunday 3 sales,
    Monday 0 sales

    theres actually a Android version on Amazon came out 3 days before and 0 sales so far.

    very Depressing.. :\

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    @BBEnk, don't get down! You've build a great game, very detailed, good art and fun to play!

    I'm sure you'd like to see high sales and big dollars rolling in, but don't loose sight of the game you've built. You should be proud, it's very good!

  • kolabokolabo Member Posts: 240

    @BBEnk. I agree @jamie_c and to to add to what he already said you've been working on improvements. Impressive!

  • LumpAppsLumpApps Member Posts: 2,878

    Even with touch arcade attention. I was thinking about advertising there and blow away a good 70 usd. That's not going to happen. Sorry sales are bad. :/

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    Now on Android - FREE with Ads,lol you will also notice I changed the name to Steam Jack 2048 see reason below.

    I don't know how well it's going to run on the 4380 devices Google says exist. but on my crappy little phone it's ok and my Kindle has crocked so anyway ITS FREE. try it.

    Google Play - Now - this is newest version with custom control setup.

    Amazon - waiting

    I've also created a new version for iOS called Steam Jack 2048 same game but will be FREE with Ads works great should have done this in the first place really, anyway I'm still waiting on them to update paid version and I will keep both if they let me, which is why I change the name on this one.

    it's really funny it takes days weeks to get game on Amazon or Apple and 1 hour on Google,lol.

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    Have you done any advertising?

  • BBEnkBBEnk Member Posts: 1,764 said:
    Have you done any advertising?

    No, could that be it, lol. My icon was on the cover of Toucharcade for 2-3 days..

    Anyway had 3 sales Wednesday thats 25 and that also means a 1700% profit because I spent 0 making the game just time.

    Also play testing I discovered a bug on mini-Game 2 Plasmag miner once you complete level it want advance to next level somehow I set a attribute back to zero not sure how that happened anyway already fixed will submit update after current updates are approved on Apple, also Google and Amazon today.

    Also made some changes with Martian Flapper Bird to make it a bit harder if anyone has unlocked that yet.

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    So my game has been on Amazon over a week "FREE" and only 1 download, that was me,lol

    also has been on Google Play "FREE" 1 download, not me. Yeaa

    I've posted on a few Android websites about game doing a little PR and still nothing and game is "FREE".

    well maybe a year from now my game will rise to #1 and dominate the world and at that time I'm gonna yank it from the app-stores and laugh my butt off. kekekeke..

  • stueynetstueynet TorontoMember Posts: 166

    @BBEnk‌ this is really great work. Looks like you spent a lot of time on it. Well done!

    My Latest GS Game - Tiny Spirit
    My First GS Game - Dashing Ralph

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    Thanks Guys.

    Finally, new version 1.2 just went live, This adds the custom control setup "see screen shot above", and a few graphic changes let me know what you think.

    I still have a version 1.3 to submit and this version will fix mini-Game Plasmag Miner not advancing to next board.


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    Hello Been awhile but still working on it,lol.

    I submitted a new update today for "Steam Jack", this will add iP5 screen support so game will adjust to fit iP5 screen size "See difference below". IP4 will still use stretch since game was built on iPad and universal stretch is not bad on iP4,but I may fix this for next update. and only exception with this update will be the Plasmag Miner Mini-Game it will stay stretch for now I have to rework graphics on that one.







    and heres a few codes for current version..


  • pHghostpHghost London, UKMember Posts: 2,302

    Hello @BBEnk‌ -- I downloaded the game (code KEMTFJ6JH7K3) and here are some of my quips.

    First and foremost -- I cannot play the game. I don't know if this is an issue on all devices (I am on iPhone 4), but when I press play, I get a screen with Steam Jack, and some kind of plasma core with a rotating thing on top. On the screen is written: Touch to continue....

    No matter where I tap, the game is stuck and doesn't respond. Only the pause button works, which can return me to the menu, or back to this stuck screen.

    Secondly, the info screen is riddled with typos and grammar mistakes. I'll be sending you a corrected version through PM.

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    The version you downloaded is actually a bit old so update will hopefully fix, I've actually had that issue on android devices will take another look at it. but on those if you reinstall it then it would start working but would only happen on the first screen just as you described not sure why.

    also Grammar mistakes thats my thing,lol. but thanks for corrected version I will use it.

    I also added iP4 screen size support so the update will support iP4 and iP5 screen sizes but will probably be next week before update is accepted.

    Thanks for the info.

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