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InDee Toons - Animated Game Characters on Kickstarter

Dear game salad wizards,

My name is Dennis and I am running a Kickstarter for a stock of animated 2D game characters, named InDee Toons.
The idea behind this project is to provide a library of characters, game developers can freely choose from and directly integrate them into their games while being able to concentrate on other aspects of development.

The goal is a pool of 50 game characters of high quality, in the form of sprite sequences for maximum compatibilty.
We have wonderful features and stretch goals like dynamic lighting through normal maps for each animation frame, batch resizing and sprite sheet options.

For more information and previews, please check out the Kickstarter:

If you share the vision of versatile game-ready characters accessible to everyone:
We have some awesome exclusive and limited rewards.
Apart from pledges, you can support us by telling everybody about InDee Toons.

Thank you


  • DeeeDeee Posts: 7Member

    After I received a lot of feedback from people who liked the art, but didn't want to share it with others, I have updated the project with the amazing new features of InDee Toons:

    For everybody who does not want to use stock characters that can be used by other people, you can now freely customize InDee Toons.

    With the custom head generator and the source files for Spine, you can now create billions of unique characters out of one toon.
    Even the clothes can be exchanged between different toons.

    See how this sexy female sheriff toon gets dressed up:

    Finally, a preview to show you how one InDee Toon brings you countless different characters:

    Any feedback and support is highly appreciated.

  • jigglybeanjigglybean Posts: 1,584Member

    Ive actually had your website book marked for ages! Nice work indeed and good luck with the project

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  • DeeeDeee Posts: 7Member

    I'm glad to hear that. Thank you.

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