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I've read a lot of posts saying that it is not currently possible with Gamesalad to add ads on an android app. I found this very disappointing as that was my main hope for revenue. Having said that I keep seeing Gamesalad apps on Android which have adverts incorporated. For example, Tiny Goalie which has a 'FREE APP OF THE DAY' screen which kicks in at the end of your game.

Does anyone know how this is achieved and where there might be some walk-through tutorials for someone who is not hugely experienced in this area?

Many thanks



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    Go to RevMob and make an account.
    Create a new application on RevMob
    In GameSalad enable interstitial ads (change scene behavior), or startup ads (when publishing)
    When publishing put the RevMob app id, that you created earlier, in the services tab
    Enable the RevMob tick box
    There is also chartboost, but I haven't explored that yet.

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    Wow...thanks very much!
    That's exactly the info I needed.....much appreciated.


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    Hi, I've just had a look within Gamesalad and can find no option for enable interstitial ads. How exactly do you enable this option? Or are these all settings which are done on the Gamesalad website side of things during publishing?

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    Sorry...strike that last comment! I've just seen the 'Enable Advertisements' check box right in front of my face! :\

    Thanks again for your help :)

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    I was just wondering exactly how the ads work. When you check 'enable advertisements' on the change scene behavior, does a full page ad kick in prior to the next scene loading and if so does it stay there indefinitely until it is closed or clicked on by the user?

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