Two New Upcoming Titles: Tiny Pilot and Danger Room

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Hey everybody!

After working our butts off, having completed Bouncy Bit, OskarDeveloper (now an equal partner in DSM) and I have nearly completed a couple new games coming out soon.

The first is Tiny Pilot. It's a fun, bright, endless flyer in a similar vein as iCopter. The art direction here was a flat, clean, fun style.

The next is called Danger Room. It's quite the opposite. It's dark, bloody, and over the top. The gameplay is similar to red bit escape with a big difference being you don't need to have your finger on the character to move him. You can put your finger down anywhere and drag him about. This allows you to see what you are doing while you play.

Both games are very close to done. Look forward to seeing the both of these in the app store soon.

Let us know what you think! :)


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