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Image File Size Optimization

sewinstonsewinston Posts: 51Member
I stumbled upon this while experimenting with different ways of creating my .png images to find the best way to keep the file size down. If you simply copy your files to a PC (I used VMware Fusion to access my bootcamp install of XP) and then back to your mac you get a 20-30% reduction in filesize. The following was done with 24 .png files that are 128 x 128 pixels with an alpha channel. SET A are the files that stayed on the mac, SET B are the files that I passed through the PC.

.png Size on Disk: 614 KB
Project File After Import: 496 KB

.png Size on Disk: 516 KB
Project File After Import: 365 KB

Surprisingly, the project size listed on the home page for each project listed the size at 269 KB for both. Hope this helps.
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