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Hello to GS Community,

I am looking for someone who is capable of coming up with a "script", which can be implemented in GameSalad (if possible to be applicable to Gamesalad basic license), creating as many random grids of 4x4 or 5x5 letters as the "computer" can. For example, I have a table with overall of 10,000 words, GS choose 5 random words for every round, "the script" makes grid which can be said to be "unique". So in a nutshell, if this particular 5 random words are chosen again, not to have the same grid as the first grid for this 5 words. In the grids there should be any letters who is not forming a word either. Also in order to complete a word you have to move your fingers in all directions. What I mean is that the words SHOULD NOT be always horizontally or vertically put, so it can make the game harder and funnier.

I guess I couldn't express myself to the fullest and made it complicating but if you have any questions, I am willing to answer you.

Please send me rates and the time that it will take you, only if you are capable of doing.


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    Making a grid of 5x5 letters that includes 5 words is no mean feat. You say "in the grids there should be any letters who is not forming a word either". Can you confirm that that is what you mean? It feels like there is a "not" missing from that sentence, but making grids like that would be extremely challenging under any circumstances.

    Also, can words repeat from one grid to another, so long as the resulting grid is unique?

    Would it have to avoid accidentally making new words, outside of the original five?

    Finally, you say you should have to move your finger in every direction - does this mean that the letters have to be connected to each other? And does your finger have to move in every direction for every word? Pretty certain what you are asking is impossible in such a small grid.

    This definitely sounds like a serious challenge to do in GameSalad :D

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    I will be back in a few minutes with answers to all of your questions. At the moment, I am drawing a simple picture of what I really mean.

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    I have made a custom grid with 16 letters. So lets say I have 10,000 words. Gamesalad chooses 10 of them randomly. It creates a grid, which let's say looks like this. Ten of this words are:



    OWL (it is reversed LWO but still can be formed as word by starting from O draggin finger to W and eventually to L).









    there might be more words present in this grid but I couldnt find more.

    In other words, in order to form a word you have to connect (press and drag ((touch inside))) letters who are close to one another.

    You cannot form the word "BOWL" for example because B is too far away from O.

    The letter "Y" has no role in this particular grid. We can name those letters "NON-USABLE". That's what I meant by writing

    """In the grids there should be any letters who is not forming a word either"""

    Open for more questions.

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    Found 5 more:






    This grid is to show you what I meant..

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    Y can be used... CITY is the word.

    However, exchange Y with Z and it won't be usable. I hope you got what I meant.

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    so boggle?

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    Kind of. GSHelper got 14 videos, total of 120+ minutes, but I am not quite sure if he mentions the random generated grids system which I am looking for.

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    Creating the grid is easy enough when using random letters, but organising pre-selected words into a grid like that will be something of a challenge. I'll spend some time thinking about it and see if any good solutions present themselves! I think I understand better what you meant by some of the things in your first post now.

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    That is some serious coding involved in forcing ten words into adjacent square patterns on a 4x4 or 5x5 grid. My hat's off to anyone who can figure it out!

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    The video(s) don't show you how to do this -- as it's extremely hard and time consuming. The video does, however, show you how to do a good randomization of the letters, so each round has a good selection of letters which can be used to create dozens of words.

    Honestly, I don't know if it's worth your time to complete what you're asking for. But it would definitely be a challenge worth looking into.

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    One of the biggest challenges is the enormous amount of variables that would be required when picking the random 10 words. There would be absolutely no guarantee that even a fraction of the 10 would fit into such a grid together, especially if the word length is truly random. If you get ten 7 letter words, they're never going to fit in the grid. There would have to be some constraints placed upon the word selection, and even then there would be a good chance that the 10 chosen words aren't going to fit in a 4x4 grid.

    Randomness dictates that even if you coded a way to arrange the words into the grid, hundreds (thousands) of attempts might have to be made before 10 words are chosen that actually can be fitted into such a grid. If you limit the number of 5+ letter words that can be chosen then it certainly makes it easier.

    I'd say you have two realistic options:

    1. Premake a ton of grids.

    2. Randomly populate the grids with letters (with some constraints like limiting the number of "problem" letters (x,z,q etc.), ensuring a reasonable balance of vowels/constants etc.). When a user finds a word, then compare it to the dictionary.

    In other words, your choice is between pre-picking 10 words or randomly generating a grid and comparing user selections to a dictionary of words.

    The former is exceedingly difficult, particularly in GameSalad. The latter is pretty easy.

    On a side note, there are tons more words in that grid. Nun, snow, tour, tow, torn, yin, beat, runs and law jumped out at me.

    Perhaps if you could give us a better overview of what you want your game to be, we can pull apart what is really necessary, grid wise.

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    There a re a couple of ways to answer this:

    1) To straightforwardly answer the question -- yes, GameSalad can do this. But it would take a long time to generate the useable grids. In much the same way that GameSalad logic can easily be programmed to play chess. But it would be a slow problem solver. (But it would still be faster than a human doing it!)

    2) When finished with the 10,000 word list, the number of useable grids would be astonishingly small. Probably less than 5. Certainly less than 25.

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    I am happy to see that most of the brains creating awesome templates and complicated codes took a look into my thread.

    I would like to make something similar to game Wordz 1(2), where 4x4 grid shows and you start looking for any word. However, I noticed that the grids are never the same, which leads to the fact that they havent made each grid by themselves but in fact using a script.

    On our matter (or atleast my matter), is there any way to make a script which "randomly" locate letters in a grid of 4x4 or 5x5 and determine which words are present in the grid and in the table as well, e.g In the grid there is a word "boom" but in the table is not present so it will not be counted as correct word although boom exists in dictionaries?

    Or can you make list of possible ways to implement an idea similar to Wordz?

    Thank you guys for your input.

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    If we constrain the random-picking to six 3-letters word, two 4-letters words, one 5-letters word and one 6-letters word, would it be easier?

    I just want to have something similar to Wordz.

    Anyway, I do not mind creating 200 pre-made grids of 4x4 but I was curious if there is any workaround for making script.

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    I'm not sure you're grasping the complexity of this. It could take me 20-30 hours to figure out how to do this and I'm not even sure I could ever get it working.

    When you say Wordz, are you talking about this? http://wellgames.com/free_online/wordz

    If so, that's would be easier to code than what you're describing.

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    Listen to @tatiang :D I'd expect a task his complex to cost you $500+, and that's a conservative estimate. As tatiang says, you're looking at probably dozens of hours to get this figured out and working correctly.

    I've downloaded Wordz, and I can see no evidence that it is filling the grid with pre-defined words (though there is a "Pro only" section that I can't see what does). They seem to be just generating a grid of letters and checking input against a dictionary. When the level finishes they display what words are found in the grid. The calculation definitely seems to happen after the grid is generated, though.

    Honestly, this is one of those projects that will be considerably harder in GameSalad than to program in most other languages. I think what you describe is near impossible, and what Wordz does is far from easy. But it's a hell of a lot harder when working with just the GameSalad behaviours.

    I might be willing to have a stab at what it looks like Wordz does, but it wouldn't be cheap.

    (I'm looking at https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/wordz-+-online-multiplayer/id446661328?mt=8 btw, not the game tatiang linked - if it's the flash one then sure, that's not too tricky (and actually kinda fun).)

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    I am talking about Wordz in App Store: HERE

  • BonepileGamesBonepileGames Member Posts: 194

    Alright, guys.

    I got it. I am on my way creating pre-made grids.

    Thank you for your input.

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