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Free Game Sound Boards Link plz

Hi! I'm looking for free sound boards. If you have a good one can you link it.


  • SmokeyAce73SmokeyAce73 EarthPosts: 370Member
    edited April 2014

    After a little Googling I have stumpled upton, I'll just look into the licencing for you, its saying on Google Royaly free

    EDIT: This is the licences your'll want to look for

    Royalty Free Sounds

    Royalty Free Sounds are sounds that are free from royalties. They can be used commercially in things like movies, games, and anything else you might need a cool sound for. You may not however redistribute them for a profit. While sending one to a friend is ok, selling one to a customer is not.

    Public Domain Sounds

    Public Domain Sounds are sounds that have been added to the public domain. They are owned by the public, and are 100% free. Items get added to the PD in a variety of different ways. 1.) Items older than the public domain age setting are automatically added. 2.)Thoughtful members of the audio community donate their own works for the good of others. 3.) Speeches by presidents and other political audio is usually considered public domain works.

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  • Thank you sir

  • ZippyTracksZippyTracks Posts: 9Member

    Hi Oliver, I have a new site with Royalty Free sounds & Music:

    Only a few things on there just now but they are free and you can use them in commercial projects with no fees and you don't have to give attribution to

    Hope this helps, good luck with your games!

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