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Hello to the GS Community | SEDA Interactive

First of all, i would like to specifically inform anyone who reads this that we are not programming guru, GS helped us a lot. We are newbie with GS tool, However, after months of reading & watching tutorials, we successfully developed our own game. Not just 1 but 4 games in a row. Firstly released via Playstore as their approval is faster than iOS.

We had so many troubles upon making the game, codes arts, ads etc. but we managed to fix those problems.

Here's a list of the troubles we had.

  1. We developed the game via windows maker, unfortunately, the GS 11 for (revmob/chartboos) is currently available for mac.
  2. We bought a mac. but the problem is the OS X. We need to purchase the OS X lion so that GS can be installed. XD
  3. iOS developer program, 99USD + playstore 25USD well not much an issue but, the iOS takes days to be approved. dunno why.
  4. signing apk/app this is quite tough, but thanks for the GS cookbook.
  5. same as iOS & the submission of the application.
  6. Application loader errors
  7. Published game bugs (No audio after published)
  8. ads spam (recently fixed)

So far, we managed to resolve these problems aside from the (7 no audio). One of our game, has a problem, in GS it is working but after publishing or after installing it to mobile phones, the audio was lost, well not all the audio, just the BG audio.

So anyway, that's all i can share for now, if anyone of you have questions or have same problem with us, we maybe able to help you out.

Anyway, for android users, here's our game, a rate (Star) + Review will be very much appreciated.

Playstore / iOS (Waiting for review)

Trash Bully -

Baseball Catcher -

Bubble Pop! -

Season Finale -

Thanks guys and to GS.

SEDA Interactive


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