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Making a Game once publish it on different Display Sizes

When you make a new project the first thing that pop up is the platform you want to publish with. So what does the cross by Resolution Independence? Can i do a project first in iPhone Portrait and then switch it just to iPad? And what is when a new iPhone comes out. Is it easy to switch to other Aspect Ratio and another screen size.
Can i choose very high image resolutions for my actors and then just choose the size in game salad. Or is it better to reduce the size before importing in game salad with photoshop to the size i want for each device.
I want to make sure to start with the right resolutions to not have problems with bigger screens.

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  • Stupid GamesStupid Games Posts: 16Member

    If a new iphone comes out in a different size, gamesalad will probably do a platform for it, i dont think you can switch it to ipad if you do it for iphone because an ipad screen is bigger than the one from the iphone, so you got to do it separately.

  • CreatorGerCreatorGer Posts: 9Member

    Ok thanks for your answers!
    When i use very high quality images in my iphone 5 project to make sure i can crop it to ipad retina. Does it matter in the end how much MB the app uses? Or does game salad make sure that is just use so much MB what the display can real show. (You know what i mean, hope so?)
    So when i do it like CodeMonster said do i have to set the cross by Resolution Independence at the very first site after clicking new project.
    How is it with other sizes i mean there are so many different android devices. Do i have to make for every device a new crop to don t have black bars?
    And last question not related but short: When i click check for updates gamesalad says it s the newest version but in the gs forum at home site stands new version released How do i get the version without installing all new???

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