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8-Bit Fleet - Free universal iOS game.

JRRCJRRC Posts: 27Member, PRO

Hey there!

My new Gamesalad game is now on the appstore, and I'd like share it with you guys in a sort of soft launch release. It's a throwback to the good ol' arcade games from the dawn of videogaming.

Gameplay involves shooting asteroids to earn points, having only one minute to do so. I tried the approach of a single gameplay mechanic and having the user play in different ways to complete the game. The goal is to unlock every single ship, 48 as of now but more to come every other month, and each ship has a different color palette with one of four different weapons. Just like my previous app, "Impostors - Smash the aliens", it's a free download, with nonintrusive ads at the top of the screen. Anyways, I'd love to read your feedback!

8-Bit Fleet - Pixel arcade shooter


P.S.: Both "Sunshine" and "Moonlight" ships have unlock issues that have been resolved for the next version, currently waiting for review.


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