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my very first game made with game salad now in the appstore.

I finally published my very first app to the app store, Space Master Game. Which to me is the biggest achievement in my life so far. I would of loved to give it for free but i'm not a pro member yet, so please support me so i can make my future games free.

and if you guy's have an app tell me so i can play/buy it.

This is a great app for passing time and is addicting. The game is about a space ship that ends up in a planet and you have to survive for as long as you can. by destroying enemy spaceships that get in your way, but that's not the worse enemy. The red logs will destroy your space ship instantly, and cause you to lose. luckily you have the option to upgrade your spaceship with the money you collect during battle. also keep track of data by saving and loading and add your name to the game.

Hope you enjoy the game and there will aways be new updates with new features.



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