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Dont forget April 28th 11:59pm -6GMT to submit your app for the contest

Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Posts: 2,343Member
edited April 2014 in Announce Your Game!

Remember folks.

To Qualify You...

Must use the GameSalad Arcade Format

Must Have a Logo Splash Screen

Must Have Audio Settings for FX and Music

Must Have 3 Unlockable Levels of Game Play

Must Show Score at End of Game.

Must Be Able To Play by Use of all 4 Arrow Keys and Spacebar or Single Mouse Click. (No other keyboard use allowed)

This can be any game...any genre.

Your game must be playable in the arcade by midnight April 30th.

Post the link to your submitted arcade game here as well so I can enter it into the list of games able to be voted for in the poll I will create May 1st, then you all have 2 days to vote. I will Announce the Winner May 3rd, 2014

Shoukd there be a tie we will vote between those games. Have fun everyone.


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