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FREE, exciting iOS game available in the App Store - Sparkle Pop! (

TechnaturallyTechnaturally Posts: 13Member, PRO

Hello everyone!

After four months of work, I am proud to announce the release of our FREE iOS game on the App Store:
Sparkle Pop!

Please try it out and let me know your feedback!

John Gillanders, Inspired Dreamscape

*** Please look at for the promotional video and more details ***

Here at Inspired Dreamscape, we believe that fun, excitement and enjoyment are essential to a life well-lived. With that in mind, we are proud and excited to share our first game with the world: 'Sparkle Pop!', an exciting arcade-style mobile phone game with a touch of personal development and strategy mixed in, currently available as an iPhone/iPod Touch App (Android and native iPad App soon-to-come!)

'Sparkle Pop!' provides a simple recipe for success based on balance and focus, which can also be applied to life. Your aim in the game is to use your focus to balance the use of available resources to your best advantage whilst avoiding over-commitment of resources (losing the game; in life: overwhelm and burnout) and under-commitment of resources (boredom and lack of success in the game or in life), and all of this wrapped up in the simplicity of a 'pop the items' game!

We believe that focus and balance are key to a life that flows well. 'Sparkle Pop!' helps practise focus and balance in a fun, enjoyable way!

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