HTML 5 Arcade Size?

Hey guys I was just curious about the HTML 5 Arcade player for GameSalad. I use Wix for building my website and it made me wonder about something. I can add animations to the HTML 5 panel... this will create a cheesy effect like flying in to the page... or spinning.. But it also will zoom it in or out.

I was curious is there a way to take that bit of code Gamesalad gives you to embed your Arcade game into a website and change it so the game screen can be bigger than 480x353? Just curious.



  • scottharrrules43scottharrrules43 Tulsa, OklahomaMember, PRO Posts: 694

    I use wix too
    Go to arcade
    Click save icon
    Then go to wix editor
    Go to add
    Click apps
    Add java
    Then paste

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