HTML5 Limitations...

Hi all,

I've only stumbled across GS a week ago when I needed to make an html5 game fast and thought Christmas and my birthday had come at once when I first started using this tool. So simple to use and started putting together my game in no time. Then yesterday I started looking into the publishing side of things, and was absolutely gutted to find I can't export this at the size I'm creating it and stick it on the web somewhere. I'd be more than happy to pay for the privilege, but as I understand it 'going pro' won't help in this department. Please somebody correct me if Im wrong. I've read hacks to embed in a double iframe and use js to enlarge the size and remove branding, which although messy, is tempting. But the biggest killer, is sound not playing in safari for arcade embedded games.

So sadly after finishing this post I'll be back to google, hunting for another tool to help build html5 games fast.

Is there any releases on the horizon that (I won't use the word remedy as I know it works as intended) help with any of the above?

Many thanks.


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