[PAID] Help me setup IAPs for my iOS game

_Ghost__Ghost_ Member, PRO Posts: 22

Hi everyone,

I'm fairly new to GS. I'm currently developing my game for the iPhone. I'm trying to set up IAP using tables but I'm totally lost. I need help bridging some things together.

I'd prefer to have a one on one conversation with someone experienced with GS via skype screen sharing or something for about an hour, because I would like to basically pick your brain to answer some questions I have.

I'm willing to pay for your time, and we can discuss it further here or in PM.


  • BrunoGamesBrunoGames Member, PRO Posts: 87

    humm.. seams a good opportunity to make money.. :) LOL
    I'm putting IAPs on my IOS games, now for the 1st time... is already waiting for apple review.. What is your doubt? concretely? "Tables", well imagine the IAP key is like a boolean attribute, and is always (false), so when is true means it was bought by a the player...

    I understood it from here:


    you have also IAP2 and IAP3

  • _Ghost__Ghost_ Member, PRO Posts: 22

    Thank you for the info. I'll definitely look further into it. :)

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