Hello GameSalad Community!

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Hello Everyone,

It feels great to finally be able to be officially part of this GameSalad community. I started using Gamesalad back in 2010, but left due to certain unexpected events. I was so disappointed because Tables had just been introduced, not writable ones, but it was a whole game changer. Now, 4 years later, I see so many new features, so much as been going on its wonderful to see.

I can not wait to start development again, actually I lied I started a month ago, but there is so much to learn. And I am sure people introduce them selves all the time, but I am Australian and below (if I can get it to work) is a little gift to help make the community grow- a Connect 4 template I made- Using tables (LOVE THEM) :smiley:

Anyway, feel free to hit me up on a message, always willing to talk, help, have a laugh.
Have a Great Day :)

Code Cell




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