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Making a Game once publish it on different Display Sizes (2)

CreatorGerCreatorGer Posts: 9Member

When i use very high quality images in my iphone 5 project to make sure i can crop it to ipad retina. Does it matter in the end how much MB the app uses? Or does game salad make sure that is just use so much MB what the display can real show. (You know what i mean, hope so?) So when i do so, do i have to set the cross by Resolution Independence at the very first site after clicking new project. How is it with other sizes i mean there are so many different android devices. Do i have to make for every device a new crop to don t have black bars?

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  • CreatorGerCreatorGer Posts: 9Member

    I agree with the guy but i think i will probably base the hud inside the 16:9 so i have no problems either. Legacy iPhone means: iPhone 2, 3, 4, 4s? All same 3:2
    And where do i get such a good background which this guy had with the green bars?
    But when i publish it i just wonder because. Do i have to publish it for each device once. I think the guy just make it once and then let the people touch on the button for aspect ratio? So when i would say i want to publish for devices iphone legacy then iphone and ipad i: Do i have to make several copies of the gs project and then publish each project several?

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