New member who's curious about Game Development!

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Hey guys,

Pleasure to meet you all, I'm Pedro.

Me and my friend decided to adopt Game Salad as the engine of choice to make our game :)!

However we just started at this. We're both 2D Animators so we know a thing or two about Art department, but we don't know about making the game as a whole.

We're planning on making a endless runner (for example Monster Dash) and we wanted some advice on how we could accomplish it.

We wanted to know where do we start with the Asset development, and how do we get the game to play like a endless runner! (With shooting mechanics, we've been doing some vector guns and wanted to learn how to use them!)

If you guys could help us it would amazing! We're planning on purchasing the Pro version once our very first game is finished!

Thanks again!


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