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Help A Brotha Out

EastboundEastbound Posts: 1,074Member, BASIC
Hey guys, my new game Asplosion! is going to be submitted pretty soon, and I'd like your feedback. Link to the preview thread:

Anyway, I can't decide which icon I like most, or if I even like them at all. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me which large and small ones you think would work best, or give ideas for a new direction I could take them. I really want the icon to be perfect, as that's what drives sales.


Uploaded with


  • BarkBarkCoBarkBarkCo Posts: 1,400Member
    I would suggest a completely blue square with just the eyes and teeth/mouth visible... Give it a try
  • BarkBarkCoBarkBarkCo Posts: 1,400Member
    Game looks great! Love the fact that we agreed on the icon! ;-)
  • ensaensa Posts: 6Member
    They all look bad
  • BarkBarkCoBarkBarkCo Posts: 1,400Member
    That's funny...I said the same thing...without being a prick! Go away!
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