PAID - Looking for Artist to Make Animated Sprites

ookami007ookami007 Member Posts: 581

I'm looking for an artist (or artists) to form a regular work-for-hire relationship with to create animated sprites, tiles and other game assets. Work will be paid per project dependent on project size.

If you have a portfolio, please link to it and give me some idea of your prices - ie. $X for a spritesheet, $Y for a ui, etc. Obviously, I want quality, but equally as obvious is that need to stay within a budget.

You can message me your prices, you don't feel comfortable posting.


  • willun99willun99 Member Posts: 1

    what style of sprites do you want

  • ookami007ookami007 Member Posts: 581

    semi-realistic cartoonish sprites for a fantasy platformer.

  • daaddddaaddd Member Posts: 116

    If i were you i would search the art you want in the web , gamesalad site ad many other has all kinds of things , it would cost less than hiring one person for the job

  • FINNBOGGFINNBOGG Member Posts: 1,810

    hiring one person for the job IMO strengthens the apps look and feel. simply because all the art matches the same style of 1 person. And not a mix and match of art found scattered across the net

  • niesvaaraniesvaara Member Posts: 2

    Hola, me, m especialista en ilustración y animación, I, m españolas. Yo trabajo en cortos de animación, el cine de animación y juegos, spcialist en 2D. Mi correo: Estoy interesado en hablar con usted, mis presupuestos son flexibles y algunos problemas sobre el dinero.

  • jay2dxjay2dx Member Posts: 610

    how many pixels because I charge by the pixel! ;P

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