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Character Designs

I'm making designs for a game that has many playable characters. Let me know what you think of these designs and which you would you be most likely to pick:

Also, on a game I worked on for a client, I noticed that most of the characters where locked and required an in-app purchase, what do you think of such a feature? I kind of try to stay away from in-app purchases that mess with creativity, so I will most likely have all characters available from the get go or have one free "purchase" so the player can pick their favorite and the rest can be unlocked via in game achievements or purchases.


  • eroswu1985eroswu1985 Posts: 17Member

    Nice work!
    For which one is better imo it depends on what kind of game you are making, like if you are making a ninja game then it is better to have a ninja as the main character rather than a robot.

    about character lock stuff, imo it belongs to the commercial mechanic of the game, like you need to pay some real money, or some in game currency (which also need to be paid or you have to spend a lot of time looting them) to unlock them.

  • JodyMitomaJodyMitoma Posts: 307Member

    Quite the imagination! Those are just awesome! And just as @eroswu mentioned, it depends on the type / style of game you're creating, as you've got many differently styled characters there! That's outstanding! :)

  • FrantoFranto Posts: 779Member

    @eroswu1985 Thanks for the feedback. I heard the in-game currency system does a lot better. I see what your saying, although, I kind of want to see a ninja vs robot and other unexpected match-ups, lol. Why I designed so many characters.

    @JodyMitoma Thank you. I'm hoping to include all those different styles of characters in the same game, it will be a small step towards my real goal of full-on customization where the player can make their character look like any style from medieval to futuristic, fantasy to sci-fi and take their character online to fight or do co-op. It's gonna be some insane match-ups and teams. Although some people will probably make teams with the similarly themed characters such as sword wielding knights vs pistol toting gunslingers.

    The setting would have to reflect this, so there will be multiple planets, as well as diverse, almagan planets to act as the backdrop for such a game and why such a diversity of characters can exist in a game.

  • SocksSocks London, UK.Posts: 12,822Member

    Wow !! Great stuff !!

  • JodyMitomaJodyMitoma Posts: 307Member

    @Franto said:
    JodyMitoma Thank you. I'm hoping to include all those different styles of characters in the same game...

    O.O You've got a HUGE task in your hands!! Graphic design alone may take countless weeks! Unless you're some kind of pro at that, too! ;)

  • FrantoFranto Posts: 779Member

    @Socks Thanks! Took a lot of effort! But I had the enthusiasm to make varied designs.

    @JodyMitoma Yeah, it will take a while, I will go with quality over quantiy, so limited animations per sprite. Or I might find a different solution to this artistic endeavor. Maybe have it like the earlier Pkmn games where the sprites are static and only the attacks are animated. But I have a unique solution involving silhouttes to represent size and distance, with attacks being animated, while the characters actual sprite will be displayed statically. I'll figure something out.

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