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Hi im new here and am wondering how long it would take to make a goog gamesalad game. Im talking about pushing gamesalad to its limits and getting rid of all bugs because im a perfectionist. I just might want to hire someone on here to do it for me and if it takes off we will split proceeds 50/50


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    If you had a year or more of experience with GameSalad, I'd say it could take 100 hours or more. Few people are willing to work that hard for no pay in the hopes of getting some reward at the end. You might be better off starting to learn to use GameSalad for a simpler project and then once you're confident using it, pay someone to develop the parts of the app you can't yet do.

    The great thing about GameSalad is that you can make a pretty decent app in about 10-15 hours and you can even make a publishable, working game in just an hour (see the various game design contests on the forums...), but to make what you're describing is a herculean effort.

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  • TaeManTaeMan Atlanta, GeorgiaMember Posts: 47

    Thanks I've seen many gamesaladd games created very quickly but I want to take my time and make it perfect good graphics glitch free but if I learn it on my own it will be difficult

  • TaeManTaeMan Atlanta, GeorgiaMember Posts: 47

    @tatiang I was saying paying someone to do my game for me :)

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