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[Freelance] 3D+GUI graphic

PetrMaxaPetrMaxa Posts: 3Member

Hello, my name is Peter 20 years old 3D artist from the Czech Republic

Actualy i have nothing to do so i am looking for some team. I would like to improve myself by working on your projects :)
I was main artist for some of czech gamemaker games but just one was published (

Looking especially for people who can pay (i don t want a lot :) ) but it is not necessary if your project is promising

I have experience with modeling objects, buildings and with sculpting and texturing..
Also i have photoshop experience for creating GUI

Contact me: [email protected]

Some of my work:

3D Church for cinematic Middle ages buildings Tower defence turrets Some kind of monster Small bug Elf head Low poly with my hand painted textures Hand painted wooden box

GUI In game menus (WIP) Main menu Dialog background

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