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PetrMaxaPetrMaxa Member Posts: 3

Hello, my name is Peter 20 years old 3D artist from the Czech Republic

Actualy i have nothing to do so i am looking for some team. I would like to improve myself by working on your projects :)
I was main artist for some of czech gamemaker games but just one was published (http://hmyzaci-utoci.ic.cz/)

Looking especially for people who can pay (i don t want a lot :) ) but it is not necessary if your project is promising

I have experience with modeling objects, buildings and with sculpting and texturing..
Also i have photoshop experience for creating GUI

Contact me: petermaxa@gmail.com

Some of my work:


http://my-upload2.ic.cz/all/rendery/kostel_cinematic_HD_GI.jpg Church for cinematic

http://my-upload2.ic.cz/all/rendery/full.jpg Middle ages buildings

http://www.my-upload2.ic.cz/files/all-leveling1.png Tower defence turrets

http://www.my-upload2.ic.cz/files/firstsculpture.png Some kind of monster

http://www.my-upload2.ic.cz/files/sculp.png Small bug

http://www.my-upload2.ic.cz/files/head.png Elf head

http://www.my-upload2.ic.cz/files/lowpoly.png Low poly with my hand painted textures

http://www.my-upload2.ic.cz/files/woodenbox.jpg Hand painted wooden box


http://www.my-upload2.ic.cz/files/gumix.png In game menus (WIP)

http://www.my-upload2.ic.cz/files/menux.png Main menu

http://www.my-upload2.ic.cz/files/dialog.png Dialog background

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