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Tea break fodder - inspirational & educational game developer lectures/interviews

StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomPosts: 3,987Member
edited May 2014 in Conferences and Events

For a few years now I've been reading and watching any articles & lectures on game design and developing I could find online.

I thought I'd share where I've found the best bits.

Endless written articles on the excellent Gamasutra

Some brilliantly lengthy written articles/interviews on Polygon .

A truly outstanding selection of free talks with video and slides from GDC at GDC vault. They slowly update the best vids on the front page of the site, plus there are loads of old free ones to browse too. (This is my normal lunchbreak hangout).

And just now after hearing it mentioned in other videos I checked out DICE summit. Which is packed to the rafters with excellent lectures from both indie and main stream developers (and JJ Abrams). (vids are hosted on youtube but their site makes it much cooler).

Any other recommendations, tips for tea break fodder?


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