What icon will show up when buying an app?

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Ok so will the icon i put on the gamesalad file show up or the one I uploaded on itunes connect? Thanks.


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    (oops - I meant 'yes' to the first one.)

    Make sure they look the same though. The itunes one is 512x512 - the one you upload with GS should be 57x57.

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  • expired_012expired_012 Member Posts: 1,802
    Ok because I accidently put in the wrong 57x57 icon and the right 512x512 icon. I can't change the 57x57, should I just reject the binary? It's already been 4 days in review :(
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    They are meant to be the same, and I have always made them the same. I'm not sure if they would reject your app because of this but they say that they should be similar.
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    Also, i uploaded my game through itunes onto my ipod but the size is way smaller than the other apps. I dont know why this is, i uploaded a 57x57. But when I uploaded it in that gamesalad square thing that says 57x57 icon it didn't take up the whole thing, however still let me download it.

    Take a look... The last icon on the page with a chicken on it is mine


    Lets get closer...


    Do you see how it is smaller? Anyone know the issue here?
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