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Scoring issue with Ring Rotating Game

KC_GamesKC_Games Posts: 86Member, PRO
edited May 2014 in Miscellaneous

I have a game where there is a rotating ring and the user presses spacebar to start and stop the ring.
If the user gets the white ball exactly between the yellow bars and the rotation of ring is exactly 0 degrees, he gets 3 points, but if the ring is not equal to 0, he loses 1 point. Here is a screenshot:

When I have a score of 0, I get 3 points and everything is fine. But if I have a score of 3 and hit the rotation right at 0, I only get 2 points instead of 3. Why? :'( This is driving me crazy for 2 days. Here is my code. Shot 2014-05-22 at 11.22.34 PM.png

Basically, I am checking to see if
1) the game has started
2) the ring is rotating
3) the ring rotation is exactly 0

Can anybody shed some light. I feel like my nesting of rules is the issue.

Thank you in advance. :D


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