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IAP Hosted with Apple and ordering.

mataruamatarua Auckland, New ZealandMember Posts: 854

I have three IAPs in my game and they work in a sequential order.

I set them up in GameSalad and in iTunes connect and they test fine in that environment.

So the IAP sequentially go like this hypothetically:




In iTunes connect it says this... (because I chose to host the content with Apple)

The first In-App Purchase for an app must be submitted for review at the same time that you submit an app version. You must do this on the Version Details page. Once your binary has been uploaded and your first In-App Purchase has been submitted for review, additional In-App Purchases can be submitted using the table below.

On that screen I have IAP B as 'Ready for upload' which if I did upload for it to be tested would not be available as it relies on IAP A having been bought.

Is there any way to change this status in iTunes Connect?

Or do I have to delete the IAPs and just start with one so I can get that approved then do the following ones?

Any advice much appreciated, thanks :)


  • MoikMoik Member, PRO Posts: 257

    My gut says Apple will reject 'locked' IAP as unreviewable. Is there a game out which does that currently? I haven't played one myself. It's probably better not to block people from spending money anyways, so if they want to jump right to IAP-C they can.

  • mataruamatarua Auckland, New ZealandMember Posts: 854
    edited May 2014

    It is an upgrade tho. I do see what you are saying just thought this was a way for me to do it in a much more compact and simple manner. It's an upgrade of sorts so I have to be able to monitor which level the upgrade is at and then the user can adjust the upgrade once it has been bought.

    Purchase is .99c each time.

    I may need to rethink this... I shall see and do some research thanks, [email protected]

  • MoikMoik Member, PRO Posts: 257
    edited May 2014

    @matarua Actually, I see how this would work. You wouldn't lock the purchase option, you would just lock the effect.
    Like, the player can open the game, buy IAP-A, IAP-B, and IAP-C all at once, but the game only uses IAP-A until the player has reached the level they need for IAP-B and -C.

  • mataruamatarua Auckland, New ZealandMember Posts: 854

    It's not so much like that - it's a shield that lasts for a certain amount of time.

    You start with a 20s shield, then upgrade to 60s, 99s, and 3m.

    I think you might be right and I might have to do a popup where they choose A B or C and if they choose C it has to unlock A and B too.

  • MoikMoik Member, PRO Posts: 257

    @matarua Then the player is basically buying a bundle, which I don't think the App Store expressly supports. You could also do it like IAP-A gives +40s Bonus to your shield, IAP-B gives +39s Bonus, and IAP-C gives you "+40% per other boost". Then, strategically, following the ABC path is the best choice, and you would end up with the same 20/60/99/3min progression (well, 178 seconds).

  • mataruamatarua Auckland, New ZealandMember Posts: 854

    Yep but there is two sides of this - what's at Apples side and what you do in the game, so when the player buys the 3min one in the game it blocks off the ability to buy anything else. I already do that at the moment.

    What do you think about that?

    Thanks for the concept there I will give that some thought too. Have to shoot now and will think on this over the weekend, cheers and many thanks for your input :)

  • mataruamatarua Auckland, New ZealandMember Posts: 854
    edited May 2014

    @Moik if you look at this...

    Then if you go for option C in this case it would mean that option A and B are no longer needed.

    This is a traditional buying currency model that gets an infinite option which is a point of difference and is being described as fair in the review of the system.

    And then there is this story which is pretty much IAP based on chapters.

    And as chapters go they are sequential... So you pay per chapter you play, not sure to be honest if you can play chapters out of order or not!?

    This gets described as unfair by the reviewer.

    See if I can find more examples...


  • MoikMoik Member, PRO Posts: 257
    edited May 2014

    @matarua Actually, yes, now that you mention chapters, I do remember a game that did that. I'm pretty sure Rolando 2 did chapter-by-chapter with a full unlock to boot. I think Diner Dash does it as well with its additional restaurants?

  • mataruamatarua Auckland, New ZealandMember Posts: 854

    @Moik so what I might just do for now is leave it as I have it and redo my IAPs and just start with the first one. See how that goes... if it's an issue Apple will pull me up on it I am sure... cheers, [email protected]

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