Hot Air Android + BouncyBall

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A few months back I announced my Game "Hot Air" for iOS. Well now you can download the game for Android devices.

You use your left thumb to control the Hot Air Balloon (press the screen to go up, release to go down), and the right thumb to fire your weapon. Try to score as many points as you can by killing the enemies.

Download from the Google Play store below:

I have another game available from the Google Play store too, called BouncyBall.

It's similar in concept to Flappy Birds, just with my own unique twist. It isn't meant to be a phenomenon, just something I threw together in a couple of hours. You can download BouncyBall here:

Let me know which you like the best, what changes you would make, or anything else.

I am very new to the wonderful world of gaming, so be nice :)

Thank you!

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