The Spiderweb Game

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Hi everyone! I used Windows version to create and upload a little game called "The Spiderweb Game". You are a fly stuck in a spiderweb, you have to move around the web to avoid the spiders. Pick up Dew Drops to have a little dew drop shield for a few seconds. Also, rescue other trapped bugs that are caught in the web. Right now, the game keeps track of your rescued bugs. Later, I will do an update to include a little store where you can use those rescued bugs to purchase new flies or other insects to play with. The game also keeps track of your highest score, which I will hopefully figure out how to do the leaderboard feature so you can see your score against other players. It looks like a simple game, but that spiderweb gets pretty crowded once those spiders start moving around! Hope you like it! Link:

Thanks for looking at my game!


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