Retro Invaders - Flashback Attack! Out on iOS!

farhan94farhan94 Member, PRO Posts: 12

Hey guys, this is my first game with Gamesalad and I would appreciate feedback and criticism of the game. I hope to get the PRO membership with the help of this app and appreciate your support!



  • scuurproscuurpro Member, PRO Posts: 63
    edited May 2014

    I know you have the free version of GameSalad but theres a little technique to it first You gotta let the Game be free get some download the start charging 1 dollar for it because if you charge 1 dollar for it right away and its a simple game like that. It kills your downloads but anyway. It looks like a interesting game you might want to setup a the accelerometer function so you do not have to push the buttons back and forth. I have not actually played the game myself. But it looks good keep it up!

    Below is a template for accelerometer

  • farhan94farhan94 Member, PRO Posts: 12

    Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely take a look into the accelerometer control and try to implement it in an update

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