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Interface Artist for Hire

Hey everybody! Thanks for taking a moment to look at my post. Just wanted to let everyone know that I am now available for hire as an Interface Artist.

I have made numerous assets and templates for the Marketplace. Now I want to work directly with the community.

My rates are simple:
$10 an hour
$250 for the lifetime of the project

What I mean by the lifetime of the project is that I will work with you on your game for as long as you support it. So if after you release version 1.0 to the public and say 6 months down the road you want to add in some in-app purchasing. That original $250 will still take care of it. So I could work well over 25 hours if you decide to keep adding to your game! A huge savings on your part.

Also, the reason why my rates are so cheap is that once your game is released, I will put up the art I did for it on the GameSalad Marketplace so others can use it for their game.

If interested please email me with your real name, screen name on the forum here, overview of the project, and how soon you plan on getting started.

Below you find some samples of my work. Thanks for reading!

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