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you are not authorized to access that resource...!!!

Hi i want to publish the game in itunes i started doing signing with game salad when i clicked on publish i received the message saying "you are not authorized to access that resource" so is it necessary to have pro version for any store publishing process ...????


  • Conifer_AppsConifer_Apps Posts: 100Member

    Hmmm... It might just be that Gamesalad automatically signed you out. Try logging back in and restarting the process.

  • Chris FitsimonsChris Fitsimons Posts: 64Member, PRO

    You can also get this error if you have 2 gamesalad accounts. One logged-in (editor) and other account on Web browser. When you publish, the web page opens with the wrong account and I received this error. I logged out web and editor and used the one account only.

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,289Member

    @Binary Computing said:
    shoot dooba dee

    Please don't revive threads from years ago (2014!).

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