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Apple TestFlight and Other things

TaeManTaeMan Atlanta, GeorgiaPosts: 47Member

Im wondering if i can develop a gamesalad game in windows and export it to mac. If i can how so?? Does anyone know about Apples Testflight?? And once i get my game done in Gamesalad, is it hard to write it in xcode for Apple?


  • TaeManTaeMan Atlanta, GeorgiaPosts: 47Member
  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomPosts: 3,987Member
    edited June 2014

    You can open windows projects on a mac or via windows . also I believe you can use mac in the cloud. Or wait for upcoming cross platform update to see what else is possible.

    Apple testflight is super new. But looks cool and should be accessible.testflight could be used before apple bought the company.

    And lastly no you cannot write to xcode with gamesalad. You will always have to go through gamesalads.publishing servers.

  • TaeManTaeMan Atlanta, GeorgiaPosts: 47Member

    Thanks @StormyStudio but can you give me a step by step process from developing a game to testing it on different devices to publishing it to the app store??

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