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Randomization of Letters in Vocab Game

WSWWSW Posts: 7Member

Hey GS’ers,

So first time game maker here, and I had a question about a vocab game I’m making. Or, at least, trying to make. I've been trying at it for a few weeks, and there's so much great info here on and YouTube - I wanted to make sure I'm getting the most up-to-date/efficient methods to do this.

What I’m trying to accomplish a row of 8 slots for letters. The letters will be linked to a word that’s going to be solved, hangman style. For example:

a z r f

V _ C _ B

The top row will come in one at a time in timed intervals, always in the same one of eight spots. They will also be images.

1) How would you create a random spawn of letters that are weighted so that they have to appear. In the example above, I need “A” and “O” to show up, but randomly spawned amongst unused letters. Can it be done with the if/that otherwise function, or 1/0 real attribute?
2) is there a way to run this all through tables? Like, I create a table with A-Z for these slots to draw from, but each letter is linked to an actor with the letter image and the randomization in tact?
3) Would I need to have two separate tables - one for the letters and another for the word being solved - or can I use a single one? Just trying to figure out efficiencies.

Thanks for any help.


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