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Do I have to buy my own apps or pay for game content when on the App Store??

MaczillaMaczilla Posts: 9Member

I know it's probably a stupid question and the answer is most likely no but I've googled this and can't find any answers.
Basically I just wanna know how it all works, say if it was a paid game and I just released it would it automatically show up on my App Store on my phone and other devices as already paid, or do you have to go through the payment process where at the end it doesn't actually charge you.

Same with in game content is it going to be unlocked straight away and maybe just have to hit restore??
Just one of those silly questions, was wondering what to expect

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  • MaczillaMaczilla Posts: 9Member

    Thanks for your comments guys, Yep that pretty much sums up what i wanted to know,
    I was sort of hoping it all wouldn't be unlocked for free as it would be nice to see what the user sees if they purchase,
    Handy to know you get promo codes to give away though,

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