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eCPM and downloads/iAds

Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Posts: 2,343Member

So I released a game yesterday and it has been downloaded 56 times today in 12 countries. IAds network trends says Ive made $.25 today...40 impressions...and an eCPM OF $14.57.

Not quite sure what this is saying. If I made $.25 with only 40 impressions. Is it saying every 1000 impressions I would make $14.57 ?

$.25 in 8 hours doesnt sound like much but its day one of sales. I keep running numbers and it seems if I had 300 downloads with 3 ads per gameplay...and they played it 5 times a day (game can be played in about 3 minutes) I coukd actually make a couple hundred a month for this one game. If I could do this with about 3-5 games that coukd be pretty good return....finally.

Does this sound pretty good?


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