Is It Possible To Sell Full Games?

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So, I started working on my own game, and I've gotten a decent amount of hours put into it at this point,
only to find out you need to pay $99/year for the developers license with apple to put it on the app store.
Now, I'm a young developer, coming up on 15 years old soon, now I always enjoyed the thought of game making, and
as of recently with this software that became possible. So, having found out about the pricing, is there a way I could
possibly sell my game to someone who DOES have the license? If so, how would that work?
I'd fear showing them the game and how it works due to my worry that they'd actually have knowledge at how to make games and the thought they might decline purchasing my app and recreate it themselves.
I'm just curious so that if I did take the path of choosing to sell my game design to someone, how I could go about doing so.
Thanks in advanced for the answers!


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    You can make a contract, email it to them. Then they print, sign it, then photocopy it to send it back to you. After that you show them your app. Heres my question to you now. If you sell your app to someone, do you still expect to see a return is the app is profitable? Or you dont get anything anymore once its sold?

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