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Changing Post Info After Certain Amount Of Time

FallingBoxStudiosFallingBoxStudios Freelance Graphic DesignerPosts: 822Member
edited June 2014 in Miscellaneous

Hi, I recently made a post. (

But I would to edit the post, because I would like the change the info on the post, but I can’t (I know after a certain time, you can no longer edit posts) but is there some how a way I can edit it? maybe through a moderator or something?



  • gyroscopegyroscope I am here.Posts: 6,577Member, Sous Chef, PRO

    Hi @FallingBoxStudios You are correct, after a certain while (24hours poss?) you can't change or amend a post, unless you are a Sous Chef, Moderator or above.

    If you'd like to DM me and let me know what you need changing, I'm sure it'd be "legit" for that to be done, and I'd amend it for you straight away.

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