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Spawning same actors while one doesn't react same as others.

Hey guys, I am new to GameSalad. I have a problem with my game. Let me explain the problem. I am spawning ball(one same actor) at every 5 seconds. The first ball fall on y axis to platform at speed 80, while x is 0. When the ball touch the platform, it start to move on x axis at speed 65. When the second ball fall, it has same properties as first ball. so it fall at speed 80 on y axis and move on x axis at speed 65 same time. The second ball fall on diagonal line, not on Straight Line. The first ball and second ball are same actor. Does any one have idea how to fix it? If I get some help, I appreciate it.


  • ookami007ookami007 Posts: 581Member

    Are you using any game attributes to calculate anything or just actor attributes?

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