Aviator Gladiator

Hi all gladiators..!!!
If you've got even a couple of minutes, why not try your hands on Aviator Gladiator by Vermilion Art Labs. Its simplicity and the requirement of attentiveness make it super addictive.
In this game you pretend to be a Gladiator, who hates to be disturbed while sleeping. These aviators have disturbed him and now he is raged. So; what to wait for. Go, shoot every aircraft you see, hovering over your land. Shoot all the aviators, make a big score, and prove that you are the raged Aviator Gladiator.
Waiting for someone at airport or at any lounge or anywhere; just touch the start button on the game interface, and we make sure that you won't realize when the time will fly.
Team Vermilion..!!!
Note: This game is a freeware, we hope that you understand the importance of ads for us. Please do not mind them, and do not under-rate us on behalf of the ads.


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