Actor brushing against objects

Hi there,

I'm wondering if anyone can help, I'm looking at creating 'fixed' scene objects e.g. tree, bush, that when the actor passes and brushes it, it moves (rotates slightly around a fixed pivot) to show the effect of the actor pushing it out of the way.

Similar effect as can be seen on Badland


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    @dreegez said:

    Similar effect as can be seen on Badland

    I'd think asking people to sit through a 25 minute video to see if they can spot the effect you want them to help you with is perhaps asking a little too much.

  • aaronforsteraaronforster Member Posts: 28

    Perhaps you could you set up 2 game attributes for the tree/bush (one for it's x value and one for the y axis)

    When your character's actor collides with the tree, set it so it changes these two game attributes to the trees x,y positions.

    This would give you a point to rotate your character around for a duration of time.

    So as an example on your tree actor;

    when "tree" collides with "character" change (game) attribute "tree x" to self position x

    and then the same for the y.

    Hope this helps but I'm still very much learning.

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