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Billy no mates

mrfunkleberrymrfunkleberry Member Posts: 424
edited November -1 in Introductions
I know you're all probably sick of hearing about I'm getting pretty sick of constantly badgering you good folks, when you've got important things like making games to do. So, from now on, i'm only going to post a maximum of once a week. So until next week...

Twitter is now on twitter. But we're looking like Billy-No-Mates, so if you want to follow us, please do.

Game Of the Month
Game Of the Month will be announced shortly. So keep checking the site...

Competition changes
There has been some understandably heated debate of this issue. A lot of support for "free for a day", but some concerns also. Since the aim of the site is not to give away games, but to promote and sell them, it's a tricky problem. On the one hand we want as much traffic as possible, on the other, the actual benefit to developers is dubious at best.

For now things will remain as they are, until the way becomes clear. The last thing i want to do is lower the profile of GS games. If there are any real internet marketing wizards out there, be sure to get in touch.

Site Stats
Some people have asked for the site stats, even tough the site is only 10 days old. In truth, they are not brilliant, it's way too early to call, but without your help promoting the site, we're never going to get where we want to be. So please add "Vote for me" graphics on your sites (in the developers section), twitter, facebook, etc etc

The blog
Let us know what's happening with your games, promotions, releases, pre-release info (with screen shots), features in the app store, etc etc I can't promise to post them all, but i'll give it a damned good try.

Keep them coming. It's your site, i'm doing all i can, but if you have ideas/concerns please don't be shy.

Thanks everyone!


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