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Credit card and paypal declined!?

I live in japan and I am am American. I hqve an America. Visa debit and a paypal account. Both work fine and are. Not blocked
But when I try to buy stuff on gamesalad market I'm declined for both? Please help! What do I do?


  • quarkyquarky Posts: 21Member

    Try ..!! There are many Templates compared to here..!!

  • Blo0PBlo0P Posts: 17Member

    What Template Do u Want to Buy..?? Sugawara??

  • nowherejaynowherejay Posts: 83Member

    I want the two military loops and the dialog template. But telling me to go someplace else doesn't solve the problem, I also want to buy pro version, what happens when my Visa card is declined for gamesalad pro!? This is very frustrating

  • Blo0PBlo0P Posts: 17Member
    edited June 2014

    Am in india and Buying with Paypal is only Through Credit Card and not Through Debit Card.
    i Think This May Be the Problem.

  • nowherejaynowherejay Posts: 83Member

    I tried my credit card and my paypal, neither worked. I am American in japan with American PayPal and visa accounts. So I assume the system thinks I'm an Id thief

  • Blo0PBlo0P Posts: 17Member
    edited June 2014

    ya Maybe.

  • nowherejaynowherejay Posts: 83Member

    someone at the gamesalad gods pantheon help me out! i really need to know how im gonna get the assets and the pro membership if i cant even use my debit card or my paypal!

  • nowherejaynowherejay Posts: 83Member

    damn, is it like prithiv says? because i am using a debit card from my bank, its not accepted? it works like a credit card, I use it to buy stuff from everywhere else... my paypal is connected to my debit card so maybe that is it? but why is having an actual credit card so important? a debit card has money on it, i credit card is just virtual money?

  • niksenniksen Posts: 6Member, PRO

    i have the same problem. I'm Indonesian, but now i live in malaysia. I tried to purchase pro version with 3 methods: indonesian credit card, paypal, and malaysian internet banking, but all of methods is declined, even the payment information was correct. I used firefox and chrome for the browser. I already contacted GameSalad support, but no response, i also contacted the ultimatepay but the answer was no help. Please share the solution to fix this problem. I was really frustrated :(
    thank you

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