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Goodbye for now

VGXVGX Posts: 796Member

I know I haven't been around much like I used but unfortunately **** happens and thats life. Don't know how long this goodbye will be for but will be a long one. I have enjoyed meeting/talking with few people here. I have enjoyed working with your projects (you know who you guys are) and helping out with the free logos when I could. Been a member for 3 years and enjoyed every moment. Yes there have been some frustrating times but thats all part of game making.
My advice to people who are new to this is take your time, learn as much as possible and don't think with your head, think with your heart. Rushing doesn't get you anywhere.

If you would like to follow me on twitter for updates, randoms, whatever, its @‌ VeiraGX

But for now its goodbye and good luck with your projects :|


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