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Paid or free consultation for project needed.

Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Posts: 2,343Member
edited June 2014 in Miscellaneous

Hey folks. Big project idea...backed by a potential client. He doesn't know he will be a client. Lol. But when I show him my 2 ideas....jaw drop...hook set....reel him in or For myself.

But first I need a consultation with a "guru" to see if GameSalad is capable of my idea. I am asking...if someone would be willing to have a consultation with me. Most likely it will lead to a paid job either teaching me how to get it started or building the front end and tables. It would end up a contract job whatever happens and a confidential policy included.

Sure I've been tinkering with games but it's not my day job...I'm very good at my day "good" I'm ready to make 2 apps to make my "millions"....and it's not even a game, however I do believe it totally within the realm of capabilities of GS.

Scope: Bidding Software.

Uses an excel sheet/s to grab variable numbers. Has multipliers. Allows user defined inputs (numbers).

It would be for iOS and Mac. Eventually all Platforms (nook, Windows 8, Kindle and so on)

I really hope to hear from someone. Someone with advance tables knowledge.

@whoever... :-)

Please PM me soon.


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